Umpteen Yorkshires in umpteen versions

Umpteen things to remember. Umpteen failures to forget
Umpteen ways of putting it. Umpteen names and faces
Umpteen times. Umpteen places. Umpteen accents
Umpteen things that might have been
Umpteen makings of a beginning
Umpteen excuses. Umpteen reasons not to bother

Umpteen words versus, on umpteen occasions, no words

Every word is musical, but some words are more equally musical than others
Some have little regard for themselves
Others are cornucopious with made up eloquence and meaning

Words as stepping stones, gateways, thresholds, cellar-holes
Pit-shafts, portals, needles’ eyes, lions’ mouths

Words as helping hands; an Orion’s belt or Ariadne’s thread; as doors opening
Exits and entrances, out from, or back into the dark light of song

Umpteen false starts. Umpteen duff notes. Umpteen oppressions
Umpteen wonderful people. Umpteen debts of gratitude
Umpteen ways of singing the same thing. Only better