For the Love of Tom

I’m unused to tragedy
Until today I’ve been as carefree as can be
Time for love and wine and even poetry
The best albums, American sitcoms
Cock o’ the walk aplomb

Now people are phoning me
Sympathy’s just not enough for friends in agony
I was always Mr E for Equanimity
Now I’m struck dumb, no rhyme and no rhythm
No writ, no rule of thumb

For the love of Tom x 3
Will no words come? There must be some
For the love of Tom

Since the University of Love
Crooning with the serpents, sleeping with the doves
Every kind of innocence I’ve been guilty of
The full spectrum, the whole humdrum
Dreamy delirium

Perhaps there’s some things simply can’t be sung
Like the death of anyone much too young
Music seems to wither on the very tongue
My lips are numb, no comfort crumb
No ready folk wisdom

For the briefest moment out there centre stage
Beautiful, not even half my own creeping age
Barely time to love and even less to rage
Or to become, whenever we become
Whatever we become

For the love of Tom x 3
Still no words come
There must be some
For a dad and mum
And such a Sweet William
There must be some
For the love of Tom

For the love of Tom x 3
So few words come? So few words come
For the love of Tom

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