Looking for Daniel Grubb Wheeler

Pardon me if I send out this feeler
For the latest on Daniel Grubb Wheeler

Just another fond tale
One to weigh in the scale
Is it better untold
Or 22 carat gold?

In the teeth of the gale
When everything’s up for sale
The best a singer can hope’s
Not to snag the old ropes

Sister Time is the pure in heart’s healer
Did that ring true for Daniel Grubb Wheeler?

From the Land of the Free
To the estuary
For the biology
And a new dignity

He was here for a while
With his Deep South chic style
And then he went like he came
And all I’ve got now’s his name

And he’d have hated me making this meal o’
His Little Beaufort, would Daniel Grubb Wheeler

Lovers in different courts
We were best friends, of sorts
He was handsome and gay
I hope he still is today

But he went his own way
Into the heart of the fray
I couldn’t go where he led
Now is he living or dead?

Keeping one old glass eye on the dealer
And one out for Daniel Grubb Wheeler

Still the whirl of being young
Leaves its tastes on the tongue
And the passions we knew
Have lined a wrinkle or two

From the hives of our lives
In the high-five archives
Such a buzz yesterday
And nightly yippie-ky-ay

‘I’m a sucker’ said Sheila the Squealer
‘For good lookers like Daniel Grubb Wheeler’

But didn’t we all have that dream?
That Martin Luther King gleam?
And we rattled a few plates
And the locks on some gates

Till the verminous tides
Of the old class divides
Brought the boil to a head
‘Well this is England’ I said

And somewhere he’s out there, that peeler,
With his lies against Daniel Grubb Wheeler

With his lies, with his lies, his pack o’ lies
Lies against Daniel Grubb Wheeler

And doesn’t it flash past so fast
From the first to the last?
Every new horizon
Superseded and gone

And a scribbled down address
Was a wrong one I guess
And then accounts of the plague
Became slowly less vague

‘You’re the spieler,’ says Nick the Annealer
‘So get looking for Daniel Grubb Wheeler’

I’ve got mi lemons, mi salt, mi tequila
For cooking up Daniel Grubb Wheeler

Was your sequel genteel or surrealer?
Can you look me up Daniel Grubb Wheeler?

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