The Longest Hot Summer

Such a wonderful summer, over hill and down dale
T’ blossoms are garlanding gennel and vale
And I’m savouring labouring, scaling the wall
Of the longest hot summer I’ve lived to recall

And I’m out bright and early to breathe in the air
On the path to the Tops where there’s plenty to share
And you’d hardly notice the smoke and the sprawl
Through the longest hot summer folk can recall

And there’s skylarks above me and up from the ground
Dandelions lifting big ears to the sound
And the downtrodden grasses are standing up tall
To the longest hot summer even they can recall

And the old men and women in snicket and street
To shops or allotments so measured and neat
Are making their way as if home from a ball
It’s the longest hot summer anyone can recall

And the orchestral rhythms of ironworks and steel
And the song of the sound of the sense of the feel
Is a music that keeps me in permanent thrall
To the longest hot summer the very air can recall

And yes I might have been blessed with the fever that zings
Through a lover’s sublunary Ickles and Ings
When no little glimpse of the girl is too small
And the longest hot summer is something to recall

And such an age between t’ clocking on and t’ clocking off machine
And kissing in corridors and clogs and canteens
And futures in pairs of pristine overalls
And in the longest hot summers still in store to recall

And you can call it nostalgia for lost love and youth
Or tell me I’m wandering some way from the truth
But the tongue at the heart of the voice says it all
For the longest hot summer t’ weather cocks’ll recall

And the voice at the heart of the tongue says it all
When the longest hot summer’s such a gift to recall

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